Synthetic biology
Computational Biology
for Drug Discovery

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About Guido

Hi, my name is Guido, and my mission is to create new therapeutics for people's health with Synthetic Biology. I want to impact billions of people positively, and I constantly work to improve myself and anyone around me.
I know the journey is challenging, but anyone would have done that if it wasn't this way.
"The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life." I think that the most important asset is to care about what you're feeling constantly.



My Interests

Treating Biology like Technology

I love the idea of using biology like technology. I have always noticed the importance of having computational methods that can describe and forecast how our biology is. I studied computational approaches with Quantum Computers to understand Protein Folding to solve the leviathan paradox.

Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence

My mission in life is to create new therapeutics to help patients'health. I have already worked in the field of Protein Inactivation for Nociceptors and now I'm going deeper in how to use Computational Approaches for De Novo Design and QSAR modeling

Longevity as a Disease

Let's imagine how we can work towards the creation of new therapeutics to treat the mother of all diseases: ageing. I have worked toward studying Computational Biology approaches to study and define different ageing processes.

My Core Values


Our world is incredibly complex and specialized. Sometimes the fastest way to find solutions is by thinking about them independently


I want to go deeper into what I know already. I want to explore new horizons to understand new possibilities

High Standards

Having high standards is an example of caring so much about your mission that you need to invest time and energy to accomplish it


I'm in the world to serve humanity and to make our universe a better place where to live


Optimism is the trait that makes me work so hard to achieve what I want in the world

Impacting Billions

I want to focus on bioengineering solutions that can impact the world. It's all about purpose minimalism

Synthetic biology for Entrepreneurs: Innovations in the Healthcare Sector

Imagine if you can have a tree that can mine gold or be resistant to any kind of virus forever.

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Stem Cells, What they are, How to use them and their future implications

Imagine if you could cure many diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes, Stroke and Alzheimer with just one element, would you be astonished by that?

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Protein Folding with Quantum Annealing for Drug Discovery

Imagine you have to understand just one element that can make you walk, talk, watch and do any other activity you could ever imagine.

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Definition of Synthetic Biology and its applications

Synthetic Biology, also called Synbio is the union of different fields (genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, and Proteomics) where scientists use engineering approaches to foster discoveries in the Biotech Sector

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From High Tech to Biotech

Biology is Technology. Current technologies have the impact of solving the most critical challenges in the biological world, focusing on different solutions never existed in the past.

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I'm delighted that in two days I will talk at the annual congress of The European Academy of Neurology along with Silvina Catuara Solarz, PhD and Emre Guney.
I will talk about Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine and Healthcare.

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What is Human Enhancement, and why is it good for our society?

It was one day like others when the 20th October 1890 Walter Yeo was born. He was a young guy like others who used to spend his days with his older sisters Adelaide and Elsie.

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From Quantum Biology to Quantum Computing

Erwin Schroedinger was a physicist that made several attempts to construct a unified field theory of our universe.

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What is pain, and how can we eliminate it?

Imagine if I told you that “Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems”, would you be amazed by that?

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What is Grover’s Search Algorithm and why will you use it?

Imagine if you come back from a journey with all your luggage locked. Unfortunately, you lost your keys, and you should find their copy out of 100 of them saved into a box.

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Can you stop feeling pain? Probably yes!

Every day any of us does some activities that can cause some damages. Some of them are slight, and people notice those after years and years, and that what happens with ageing; others are speedy and acute, such as what happens with car accidents or other types of injuries.

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I'm thrilled to announce my new lecture as a professor at the Universidad Privada Boliviana, where I will talk about Exponential Technologies and why biology is technology.

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Yesterday was a fantastic day. I had the honour and the pleasure to talk at the WBP Forum, an International Forum in Women's Brain and Mental health.

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Have you said future? Have you said work? Let's say the future of work! In less than 2 days at 7 pm (CET), I am going to talk about the future of work during the Campus Party Digital Edition, the largest international experience based on innovation and creativity.

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OpenExO: Join us for a discussion with Guido Putignano an ExO Ambassador from Italy. Guido will be sharing about the future of Work and his journey with ExO.

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Companies are shut down, conferences take place online, work is done at the home office: the coronavirus is a major challenge for the modern working world.

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The future of work how digitalization will change anything

If industrialization made any item accessible to anyone, digitalization made the path to achieve anything shorter.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are living in a world of complete change. Anything won't be like before and with this presentation, you are going to understand all the changes that are present in our world.

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